TOBS Dog Coat

With our proven DogCoats even sporty or big dogs never look 'silly' and feel comfortable. Originally conceived as a horse wicking rug, the snugly material always transports moisture outwards. Thus the kidneys of the dog always remain warm and dry and - good for the owner - odorless. The pure acrylic fabric is accepted by dogs very well. The knitware is machine washable up to 40 degrees, touch-dry after washing - no dryer required.
Camouflage - Binding Taupe

Sizes  | Die Backlength is taken from the shoulder blades (withers)  to the start of the tail:

XXS | 30 cm | Yorkscher  u.a.
XS    | 34cm | Russel, Dackel u.a.
S      | 38cm | Parson R., Spaniel u.a.
M      | 42cm | Springer, Beagle u.a.
L       | 49cm | BGS, Münsterländer  u.a.
XL     | 54cm | Viszla, Foxhound  u.a.
XXL  | 62cm | Ritchback, Weimaraner  u.a.
3XL   | 68cm | Drahthaar, Riesenschauzer  u.a.
4XL   | 73cm | Dogge, Irish Wolfhound  u.a.

Size | Back length:
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