TOBS Medilamb Plaid

- medical lambskin - a premium quality material

Baby´s and sick persons are often placed on medically tanned lambskin plaids. At TOBS we sell lambskin saddle pads for horses with senstive or sore skin.

The best is only just good enough for our pet dogs.  

In the same way we have our horse saddle pads manufactured, we provide our cosy lambskin dog plaids with a firm quilted cotton layer. This way the plaid becomes an ideal travel bed.

Tanned, close-cropped Merino lambskin is easy-care and hygienic. Natural skins hardly absorb dirt (simply brush out) and are washable (lambskin/leather detergent)
Moreover, lambskin has a soothing effect on joints and it is accepted very well by dogs in particular by short-haired dogs.


tanned lambskin, nature on quilted cotton, color: camel


Med. lambskin plaid:
S 50 x 70 3 = 165,00 EUR
  ArtNr.: LF 50x70
M 60x80 2 = 210,00 EUR
  ArtNr.: LF 60x80
L 70x90 2 = 255,00 EUR
  ArtNr.: LF 70x90
XXL 100x120 2 = 475,00 EUR
  ArtNr.: LF 100x120
from 115,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
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